Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ric Flair gives fashion advice to the Church of Saint Mary.

If the t-shirt is not made out of the skin of an endangered animal, I won't wear it.

Ric Flair on what scares him.

What scares Naitch??

Ric Flair searches for a sewtress to sew his new robes

When you roll with a winner, automatically you are a winner.

Ric Flair on being a trendsetter and making the rules up as he goes along.

Devon, put your penis down and pick up the champagne glass

Ric Flair on the proper conduct when your in Flair Country..just don't ruin the atmosphere.

The Party Pooper

Ric Flair offers to assist Toni Braxton by getting her out of the red so he can get into the black

Toni Braxton

Ric Flair with some advice for Anthony and a warning to nightclub/bar owners across America.

Ghosts and Ghoulies

Ric Flair on dogs and getting rid.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Ric Flair on women of all kinds.

Ric Flair don't do early mornings unless its following on from a late night at Studio 57.

Ric Flair wants for nothing.

Ric Flair, when in North Carolina and your female, you call him. Or his secretary.

Ric Flair at Teterboro with the Jet engine running and the dialysis machine turning.

Ric Flair on plans for the future in case the Human race faces extinction.

Ric Flair on the women he likes.

Ric Flair propositions a pregnant, married woman.

Ric Flair on a pointless protest for nothing.

Ric Flair on Rick Sanchez scandal and job offer.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Ric Flair on skateboards.

Ric Flair schooling a punk on fashion.

Ric Flair on Matt Halfhill/Complex shoe game fail.

Ric Flair on Complex and the NBA

Ric Flair on quitting Milan.

Ric Flair on Mexican Football.

Ric Flair on the Diplomats.

Ric Flair on Nicki Minaj.